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Celebrating a Successful Summer

Now that autumn is upon us, we’re ready to recap a summer full of one of our core values: FUN!

Here on Team Blue, we work hard and play hard. We promote a positive environment that yields fruitful results for all stakeholders, including our clients, employees, and project partners; we also love to celebrate accomplishments and a job well done. So just how did we celebrate a successful summer?


Knutson’s Annual Valleyfair Picnic

Employees of all offices and their families came together at Knutson’s annual summer picnic, held at Valleyfair. This season’s get-together was a scorcher with highs in the upper 80s, but we had hundreds of members of Team Blue flood the park in their matching orange tees!


Office BBQs

While Valleyfair is a company-wide affair, each Knutson office held their own respective celebrations full of food and fellowship! From Iowa City’s boat rides and bags tournament to Rochester’s happy hour to Minneapolis’ parking lot party, enjoyment was easily found for members of Team Blue this summer.


Golf Tournaments

It just isn’t summer in Minnesota without a few jaunts around the local 18, and Team Blue certainly showed up this season by sponsoring and participating in several community golf tournaments! We empower our employees to shape the communities they live, work, and play in, and golfing in support of their favorite causes sure isn’t a bad way to spend a workday.



Nine interns joined Knutson this summer, their areas of expertise ranging from Project Management to support services like VDC and D&I. Each was asked to discuss their take on Knutson’s value of fun in our Welcome Summer Interns feature and their answers were a true testament to what it means to provide The Knutson Experience in your work.



Knutson’s dedication to excellence extends beyond just the scope of a project – we’re committed to making our communities vibrant and comfortable for all while also having fun doing it. Our team helped our local communities in many ways this summer, including packing and cooking meals for families in need and renovating both the interior and exterior of several local residential homes!


We work hard to provide a multitude of opportunities for our employees to enjoy their work in a dynamic, fun, and inspiring environment where everyone can be themselves and grow each day. Whether you’re game to partake in happy hour or ride a rollercoaster with us, you’re welcome to join in next time by visiting our careers page!