From the Field, Our Story

Knutson Celebrates 2024 Safety Month

At Knutson, we pride ourselves on the commitment made to the safety of our employees, trade partners, and subcontractors on every job site. During Safety Month, we celebrated with Safe Day lunches, of various stretches from 150 days to 600 days, on six of our active projects.

One of the ways we are currently strengthening our safety culture is by implementing a Class II hardhat, providing all around protection compared to those ranked as Class I. With head injuries accounting for nearly 6% of non-fatal occupational injuries involving days away from work in 2020, maintaining the highest standard of safety not only keeps our teams healthy, it also keeps them able to continue work on the job sites.

While it may be assumed that hard hats are one size fits all, that is not always the case. To ensure comfortability as well as safety, peer groups were utilized to make the final decision on which of the options were selected. The options were worn around job sites and discussed at our annual safety seminar, providing well-rounded feedback that was also taken into consideration.

As a part of our Zero Incident Safety Culture, we continue to focus on safety and ensuring we are providing the safest products available, while monitoring products as they change and improve in the future.