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Knutson’s Women’s Employee Resource Group Celebrates WIC Week 2024

As Women in Construction Week 2024 nears its end, we’re celebrating our Women’s Employee Resource Group (ERG) and what an impact it has made on the women of Team Blue!

In a typically male-dominated industry like construction, it is especially important to continually work to improve the experience of women. Knutson formed its Women’s ERG in 2021 with the group’s intention being ensuring female employees feel assured, inspired, and appreciated in the work they do.

The Women’s ERG meets quarterly, with participants including both office and field staff, all from a variety of backgrounds. The group routinely brings in keynote speakers, allows for networking opportunities, and encourages discussion about topics faced by women in the construction industry and beyond. It allows women across the company to actively build community and connect on a more intentional level outside daily work functions.

On Tuesday, March 5, the Women’s ERG welcomed Laura Best from Passion Collective to the Minneapolis office for a presentation centered around why believing the work you do matters, as well as how to focus in on your passions to reconnect with your true purpose – both at work and at home! This meeting was also a bit different than the norm because the men of Knutson were invited to attend in celebration of Women in Construction Week, too.

Also featured were shoutouts to our five WIC Week 2024 Nominees, a special message about the value of inclusion from Knutson’s President and Women’s ERG Champion Brendan Moore, and the opportunity for everyone to celebrate the contributions the women of Team Blue make every single day during a special week for our industry.

No matter who you are, when you join Knutson, you will be recognized and appreciated for your contributions – we value you for you! You’ll also be given the opportunity to build more than buildings here. To view openings and potentially join our team of problem-solvers and relationship-builders, visit our careers page.