From the Field, Our Story

Safety: Our Number One Non-Negotiable

Each year, Construction Safety Week is celebrated during the first week of May. It’s an industry-wide initiative that provides an opportunity for those in construction to recognize the hazards in our work, commit to take the necessary actions needed to ensure risk is kept as minimal as possible, celebrate those who empower us to strive for a safer work environment, and provide insight that will help others build a stronger, safer industry.

At Knutson, safety is the most important aspect of our business. Our entire team understands and agrees that ensuring everyone’s safety throughout the duration of a project is of paramount importance, because respect for safety is communicated from the top of our company’s organizational chart on. Making sure our clients, subcontractors, design partners, community, and construction team members return home safely at the end of each day is an absolute non-negotiable.

That’s why we have implemented a Zero Incident Safety Culture, which is the foundation of our company safety program. Our philosophy is that every incident is predictable and preventable. We truly believe that having zero incidents is both a goal and an actual, achievable measure – with the right training and engagement! Because of this, we invest heavily in safety management, and prioritize safety at all levels of our organization. Whether through weekly safety audits, continued education, or daily huddle discussions, our team is always keeping safety at the forefront of their minds and work.

To celebrate Construction Safety Week, all Knutson employees will be undergoing mandatory annual training regarding our Zero Incident Safety Culture this week. Aside from general reinforcement, we will focus on two specific topics: fall protection and demolition. Both topics were chosen for their relevancy in our work, as well as the heightened risk factors associated with them. Training sessions will also celebrate those who have safely contributed to our work over the last year.

As we partake in Construction Safety Week, we thank all Knutson employees, subcontractors, and project partners for doing their part to keep our job sites safe and investing in our Zero Incident Safety Culture. Without their continual commitment, we may not be able to keep safe the most valuable aspect of our work: our people.