From the Field, Our Story

Shining a Spotlight on the Trades

The first Wednesday of May is annually celebrated as National Skilled Trades Day, a day to recognize the importance of skilled trades and the multitude of career opportunities that await those who venture into industries like construction, manufacturing, healthcare, and more.

Knutson is committed to investing in the future of the field, making way for a new generation to join our workforce. To us, kindling that interest should take place as early as middle or high school. That’s why we often partner with local schools and colleges to educate on the possibilities for involvement in our industry.

On National Skilled Trades Day 2024, Knutson partnered with St. Louis Park Public Schools to put on three separate “Careers in Construction” presentations for nearly 100 students. After each presentation, students were able to go on a job site tour of the work Knutson is currently doing for the St. Louis Park referendum projects, as well as talk to different members of Team Blue about their journey in the construction industry.



Knutson also has recruitment programs built out with the intention of making it easier for young people to choose a career in the trades, learning necessary skills and building meaningful connections along the way.


Intern Connect
Knutson’s Intern Connect program stands as a pivotal initiative aimed at fostering intentional and meaningful connections for each intern. It is meticulously structured to provide a clear framework, ensuring a purposeful experience for every participant. This involves setting specific goals and expectations and offering regular feedback and evaluations. Knutson is also committed to offering interns meaningful work that allows them to apply the skills and knowledge they’ve acquired in their studies. This means engaging them in real-world projects, facilitating collaboration across different teams, and involving them in decision-making processes. However, beyond tasks and assignments, Knutson’s utmost priority is to ensure each intern feels Assured, Inspired, and Appreciated – even before they begin the job.


Pre-Apprenticeship Program
Knutson’s Career Pathways Committee is proud to announce the launch its Pre-Apprenticeship Program this month! This initiative was created with the goal of supporting our community-based organization and schools by providing students with valuable on-the-job training that will set them up for success in their future careers. Through this program, participants will gain valuable skills, practical hands-on experience on our job sites, and be paired with mentors, who will help them grow their professional networks. One of the key benefits of this program is that Knutson helps cover union initiation fees for participants, easing their transition into the workforce and setting them up for a successful career. “We believe in investing in our future workforce by providing opportunities for growth and development, and this is one of the many ways we are demonstrating our commitment to supporting the next generation of talent,” said Ana Lowery, Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator and member of the Career Pathways Committee. “We are excited to see how this program will uplift our upcoming workforce and provide opportunities for individuals to thrive in our industry.”