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2023 Safety Month Recap

At Knutson Construction, we are 100% committed to our Zero Incident Safety Culture. For us, this is the norm every day. But during the month of June – which is celebrated as National Safety Month – we decided to share some specifics about how we are actively being an industry leader in construction safety.

Each week this month, we highlighted a focal point of our safety program. These are common risks that show up in our work and, it’s important that we explain just how we are working toward our end goal of eliminating all incidents to ensure everyone goes home safely each day.

Week 1: Emergency Preparedness
On each Knutson project, we ensure there is an Emergency Action Plan (EAP). EAPs cover emergency notifications and incident reporting, urgent and non-urgent medical locations, evacuation muster point locations, personnel accounting procedures, severe weather actions, and more. We always make sure there are procedures in place that enable our teams to respond and react to incidents appropriately and safely.

Week 2: Slips, Trips, and Falls
Preventing slips, trips, and falls is a top priority when it comes to protecting both our collective workforce and others who may be affected by our operations. This includes maintaining safe walking and working surfaces as well as identifying and eliminating fall hazards by covering holes or installing barricades. We also ensure our workforce is trained to properly use fall protection PPE when fall hazards cannot be fully eliminated.

Week 3: Heat Related Illness
We are fully aware of the dangers associated with heat-related illnesses in the construction industry and are proactive in the measures we take to protect our employees from heat-related risks, including training and awareness, resources and infrastructure, and safety leadership.

Week 4: Hazard Recognition
We work tirelessly to create a proactive and secure work environment by actively identifying and addressing potential hazards. Together, we build a foundation of trust and accountability that enables us to achieve remarkable results.

Ultimately, safety is not just a priority at Knutson – it’s a way of life. There’s no better indicator of this than the fact that Knutson has received eight MNSHARP awards since Minnesota OSHA created the MNSHARP Program in 2004, recognizing construction companies whose safety and health programs go beyond basic compliance with all applicable OSHA standards. You can learn more about this distinction by watching our MNSHARP Program video below.



Let’s continue to stay vigilant, communicate effectively, and uphold our commitment to building a safer future.