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Making a Positive Impact

Our dedication to excellence extends beyond just the scope of a project. We are committed to making our communities vibrant and comfortable for all. Our core belief that we should build more than buildings guides our organization's mindset, and we take pride in giving back generously. We understand that by helping establish successful communities, we all benefit. It's not just the right thing to do, it's what we're passionate about.

An Opportunity + A Responsibility

Giving Generously

At Knutson, we sincerely believe in being good corporate citizens — we know that working and living in our communities is both a responsibility and an opportunity. That’s why we’re always ready to put our topnotch problem-solving skills to the test to enhance the lives of those around us.

So, for years, we’ve given our time and talents to the communities we live, work, and play in. Whether our team members are offering helping hands at nonprofits they care about or we’re furthering community initiatives with monetary donations, you can count on Knutson to make a positive impact.

Latest Volunteer Efforts

What's New with Team Blue

Below, you'll see firsthand the type of work we do in our communities and beyond. Whether you're seeing the friendly faces of our Minneapolis + Rochester teams or the hardworking hands of our Iowa City office, you can be sure that we are striving to make a difference in all that we do, wherever we are.

Boys and Girls Club — Minneapolis

Packaging a Promise of Comfort

On Wednesday, June 5, employees gathered at Knutson’s Minneapolis office to create Knutson Care Packages for the Boys and Girls Club of the Twin Cities, benefitting a local school. At the outing, employees organized supplies and packaged up care essentials like deodorant, body wash, hairbrushes, lotion, dental hygienic items, and more to be distributed to children in need.

“Assembling personal care packages for the Boys and Girls Club and for a nearby school was an incredibly rewarding experience,” said Melissa Kilian, Human Resources Coordinator. “Collaborating with so many Knutson team members proved that together, we make dreams real! This event was just one of many volunteer efforts we have planned for this year, and it’s truly inspiring to see the positive impact a dedicated team can have on our community.”

Breanna's Gift — Minneapolis

Giving the Gift of Art

In April 2024, Team Blue Minneapolis partnered with Breanna’s Gift, a non-profit arts program that brings the joy of dance, visual arts, music and performing arts to children in the hospital for a day of assembling “Art Takeout” gift boxes. Each gift box contains a series of individual art projects that children receiving care for cancer and other serious illnesses can assemble during their treatment. Knutson is proud to be sponsoring one year of Art Takeout boxes for children at Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare Clinic.

“Being on-site already, we were looking for a way to bring The Knutson Experience to the project, and specifically the children at the project site,” said Denise Crestik, Safety Systems Manager. “Working with Breanna’s Gift was a solution for us to get involved. The opportunity to give a brief respite to children that are suffering from cancer and other life-threatening illnesses, who cannot leave their rooms to interact with other children or take part in activities, is immeasurable in importance.”

Toys for Tots — Minneapolis, Rochester, Iowa

Fighting Hunger

In December 2023, Knutson’s Minneapolis, Rochester, and Iowa City offices collected toys to donate to local children via the Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots program. Representatives from Team Blue Minneapolis also went out to Kare11’s backyard to donate their collected items live on-air.

“It was fun to be with other organizations from our community that were also giving back,” said Jenna Doege, Marketing Coordinator, who coordinated the Minneapolis office’s toy collection and donation. “While helping bring joy at Christmas was fulfilling, I was especially impressed by the other groups who came to the Kare11 backyard with us. There were so many children there who were so passionate about collecting as many toys as possible for this cause, and that to me showcased the true spirit of the season.”

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Partnerships + Program Support

How We Give

Knutson Construction and members of Team Blue support several organizations and programs in the communities where we live, work, and play. Beginning in 2016, we even committed to being members of the Minnesota Keystone Foundation. This program promotes corporate philanthropy by recognizing and honoring companies that donate at least 2% of their pre-tax earnings to charitable organizations. We are proud to be part of this group of companies, and know our donations mean a great deal to the incredible organizations and non-profits that receive them.

Groups, Non-Profits + More

Who We Help

We believe being good corporate citizens means giving generously to the people and organizations that make our communities great. As a part of this commitment, we have contributed to various organizations over the years, each of which aligns with our values and mission. Below is just a small sampling of the organizations and community groups we are proud to support and will continue to support in the future.

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Feeding Our Communities Partners
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