Our Story

Capturing a slice of 2020

Minneapolis, MN – 09/29/2020

The year 2020 has not been without its challenges, in fact many people might prefer not to remember this year at all! But its times like this that Team Blue shines the most, so we thought we would capture some comments from our team members.  We originally created this video for our internal use, but we had such strong responses from our employees that we decided to release it externally so our owners, partners and even folks that don’t know Knutson get a feel for what’s going on behind those construction fences.  There’s so much pride, problem solving and heart that goes into our projects especially during an unprecedented time like this.

We received comments from employees saying they felt goosebumps when they watched for the first time and even a few that felt tears rush to their eyes. Below are some other reactions we received from members of Team Blue.

It was very inspiring to see so many people at Knutson stepping up to the challenge to overcome adversity in a form that we’ve never seen it before and working together to not only create a cleaner and safer working environment, but doing all of this on top of our regular daily workloads without skipping a beat.

– Kris Rubenzer, Senior Project Manager, LEED AP


I have been so impressed to see how everyone from field and operations to office employees have embraced our “new normal” with our COVID safety procedures. Everyone has encountered their own set of unique challenges that we’ve had to adapt to – during this time we’ve also managed to successfully and safely run jobs, we’ve been awarded future work, and kept a positive outlook for the remainder of 2020 and beyond. The level of teamwork and camaraderie that has come out of this has been amazing to see and really makes me proud to be a member of Team Blue.

– Amy Schilling, Marketing Manager


It’s very encouraging to see the effort put into place by all of Knutson to mitigate the exposure and spread risk of COVID on our jobsites and in our offices. It’s easier to come to work knowing everyone is putting forth their best efforts.

– Landon Bruegger, Assistant Project Manager, AC


It was great to see how the entire Knutson team has pulled together through this unique challenge, and has found a way to keep the projects moving forward for everyone involved with the project.

– Ryan Lebeda, Assistant Project Manager


I thought the video was done very well. It was nice to see the diversity which speaks to Knutson’s commitment to being an equal opportunity employer! Great job!!

– Ramona Wilson, Diversity Director


I continue to be amazed by our Knutson Team. Not even a pandemic can stop us, as it challenged us to find new ways to communicate, which ultimately made us even stronger!

– Bryan Kubik, Project Development Director