Andersen Windows Corporation, Building 1 & 2

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Andersen Corporation
Stormoen Associates
General Contractor
Bayport, Minnesota
78,000 sq. ft.

Two projects that are representative of the kind of innovation Knutson brings are the building-in-a-bubble renovation of the original Andersen manufacturing plant, built in the early 1900s, and an expansion that turned a plain vanilla, steel-walled manufacturing facility into park-like modular office space.

Building #1: Knutson built new perimeter walls and installed a higher 30' roof, surrounding the original Andersen manufacturing plant without disruption to its active production line. They even poured new concrete slabs, “hopscotching” equipment as needed to keep the production line going. When the new building was weather-tight and vital systems and utility connections transferred, Knutson mobilized a crew of more than 100 to demolish the original, lowerwood structure over the two-week holiday line shutdown.

Building #2: When Andersen Corporation’s order department needed expanded office space, the best option was a steel-walled, utilitarian manufacturing facility. Seeing potential in the building’s high ceilings and its fortuitous location on property overlooking the old Andersen estate and the St. Croix River, Knutson utilized Andersen’s own window products to create a park-like setting envied by many. Insulated steel walls were replaced with windows to provide a view of the outdoors and let in sunlight to nourish the live trees and shrubs positioned in the “central park” of the remodeled space.