Black Hawk County Jail

01 04
Black Hawk County Board of Supervisors
Thorson Brom Broshar Snyder
General Contractor
Waterloo, Iowa
113,800 sq. ft.

As the first true direct supervision jail in Iowa, the Black Hawk County Jail received a lot of attention when it was built. This was due in part to the state-of-the-art security system utilizing touch screen monitors that was put in place to automate control of doors, water, elevators and lighting. In a heightened security facility such as this one, other special features were necessary, like having no exposed steel in the cells. Knutson created special forms for the 4” thick cast-in-place concrete beds and cast them on site.

The building also includes an arraignment court, county sheriff administrative offices, full food service and medical facilities for the inmates. The jail is connected by skyway to the Black Hawk County Courthouse.

“It was amazing how good the Knutson people were in coordinating and explaining everything. The whole company was excellent. They advised us every step of the way.”

-- Lieutenant Mike Baker, Black Hawk County Sheriff’s Office