Carlson Toyota

01 15
Carlson Toyota
General Contractor
Coon Rapids, Minnesota
54,000 sq. ft.

After a difficult start with another general contractor brought construction to a halt, Carlson Toyota asked Knutson to move-in and get the project back on track. Knutson brought in a new structural engineer and designer, took over management of some existing subcontractors and assumed daily contact with the hands-on owners, Mark and Bill Carlson.

Knutson quickly understood that the Carlsons didn’t want an ordinary building: they had designed a beautiful facility, and they expected their contractor to deliver something outstanding. This meant reworking a major portion of the construction completed by the previous contractor. It also meant pushing the project forward to make up for the nine months of time lost in transition.

The owners got what they expected - and more. “At Carlson Toyota, Knutson created some of the highest level of finishes found anywhere in the construction industry.”