Centennial Middle School

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Centennial Schools ISD #12
Armstrong Torseth Skold and Rydeen, Inc.
General Contractor
Lino Lakes, Minnesota
256,000 sq. ft.

Centennial Middle School is prominently displayed off 35W in Lino Lakes, Minnesota. The building features a brick and stone exterior. Internal features include terrazzo floors and brightly lit areas resulting from the numerous windows and sky light system. Masonry and other well-crafted finishes add to the appealing interior of the building.

The school is divided into three distinct "wings" that are designated for specific grade levels. An expansive common area connects the three wings. In addition to a large cafeteria area, the school includes a state-of-the-art industrial arts area as well as a first-class auditorium. Extensive site work includes tennis courts, football, soccer, softball and baseball fields. Also included on the school grounds is a variety of track and field areas including a multi-use oval track.

The use of Knutson's own trade forces ensured the project was completed on time despite an aggressive schedule.