Children’s Hospitals & Clinics First Floor Renovation

01 05
Children’s Hospitals & Clinics
BWBR Architects
General Contractor
St. Paul, Minnesota
22,500 sq. ft.

Design of the first floor entrance, public space and emergency department provides a “journey” in the delivery of health care for both patients and caregivers. The theme of the journey is the “big back yard,” which is experienced in large and small detail throughout the entrance, lobby and triage areas. A large glass atrium is intended to feel like a “glass house” - its roof is sprinkled with star shapes that serve to project the stars onto the walls when the atrium is flooded with daylight. The stars also help reduce glare and control heat gain and incorporate an element of the Children’s logo concept into the facility, helping to reinforce and extend the Children’s Hospitals and Clinics brand. Oversized, live oak trees dot the interior and a large landscape mural painting contribute to the backyard effect. Patient care areas express the natural theme through the use of color and positive distractions such as interesting light fixtures, windows placed at a variety of elevations and toys in the exam rooms.