Davita Dialysis East Valley

DaVita Kidney Care
Pulse Design Group
Construction Manager
Apple Valley, Minnesota
7,000 SF

This DaVita Dialysis clinic treatment project consisted of a floor expansion and remodel, that included a 7,000 sf expansion of the clinic which added an additional six (6) dialysis stations. The existing treatment floor remained operational throughout the duration of construction.

The Knutson project team worked through several issues with this project including the demolition of an existing structural parapet wall separating the expanded treatment floor from the existing, and an automobile accident where a patient accidentally ran their car into the new treatment floor space one week prior to project completion. Knutson worked with this owner and design team to resolve these issues as they arose which left the owner very satisfied.

(August 10, 2019)

A Team That Cares

Success Stories

This project was a week away from turning over, and the project team was putting the final touches on the new space. Suddenly, a car veered-off the road and came crashing through the wall of the clinic. Thankfully, nobody working on site was hurt. A Knutson Foreman witnessed the accident and quickly attended to the driver of the car who was also lucky to avoid injury. He secured the area by creating a temporary enclosure, and then immediately began to work with our project team to create a plan to repair the damage so that the project could be turned over with minimal delay. The foreman and Superintendent, Greg Ball, were in constant communication with DaVita’s team during the aftermath of the incident, and their quick recovery planning allowed the owner to adjust their own plan to move into the space.

Although DaVita’s move-in date had to be pushed-out slightly, they appreciated our team’s active response to minimize the delay. It was obvious to the owner’s team that such an incident could never have been anticipated, so the ownership that Jim and Greg demonstrated in managing the problem only added to DaVita’s perception that Knutson really cares. The DaVita team even made a sign to show their appreciation for our team’s efforts. The sign reads: “THANK YOU KNUTSON! You guys are truly the best.”