DELOS Well Living Lab

01 06
Centerbrook Architects and Planners & HGA
Construction Manager
Rochester, Minnesota
5,500 sq. ft.

The Well Living Lab is located in a 5,500 sf space on the third floor of the Minnesota Bio Business Center. It consists of laboratories, offices, and support space. The laboratory space has flexible options for a hotel room, hospital room, dormitory or apartments. The office space has options for open office, private offices, pantry, and washroom. With the supporting space consisting of reception area, control room, workroom, conference room and private office space.

The purpose of this project was to design and build a space to test and observe how people react to being indoors 90% of their day. This facility will be able to change lighting and programmed to simulate a lighting bolt,, air temperatures, humidity, and simulate sounds such as thunderstorms and emergency vehicles. The recording observations will be used to improve quality of living, productivity and achieve overall wellness.