East Side Recycling Center

01 11
City of Iowa City
General Contractor
Iowa City, Iowa
32,550 sq. ft.

In 2006 the City of Iowa City purchased the property to provide a site for citizens to reuse and recycle materials and to learn about waste and storm water-related issues. In 2010 the City decided to move forward with the redevelopment of the brownfield site. The site now houses Habitat ReStore (a non-profit that resells donated gently used and new construction materials), The Furniture Project (a non-profit that refurbishes donated used furniture and resells it), The Salvage Barn (a non-profit that salvages antique woodwork for resale), a used oil and oil filter recycling location, an electronic waste recycling location, an Education Center seeking LEED Platinum certification, a location to purchase mulch and compost and a location to recycle paper/glass/plastic/metal for the public.

Since the site operates as a recycling facility and educational center, many technologies were incorporated into the design and construction. Solar powered bi-fold door frames hang on the exterior of the building, fitted with shade fabric to create blinds. Structural insulated panels, 12 inches thick with a R40 insulating value, were used on the building roof and the classrooms floor systems. Agriboard structural insulated wall panels with straw serve as the building’s non precast walls. The Education Center features two walls of channel glass with nanogel inserts to achieve energy efficiency. The building is heated and cooled with a geothermal well and heat pump system and a wind turbine provides a portion of the building’s power. The facility is truly a location where the public can come and see sustainable design and construction in place and serving the community.