Fibrominn Biomass Power Plant

Fibrominn LLC
SNC - Lavalin (engineer)
Construction Manager, Construction Manager at Risk
Benson, Minnesota
70,000 sq. ft.

To overcome the challenges of supplying concrete during the hot, humid conditions of Minnesota in July, Knutson scheduled a 1:00 a.m. concrete pour for the important boiler foundation on the Benson Power Plant. This was no small evening outing: the project required 3,500 cubic yards of concrete on a single pour, and four pump trucks on site put out 500 yards per hour. With very tight specifications — zero tolerance for movement and an extreme need for precision — the nighttime project successfully prevented high concrete temperatures that could have compromised the integrity of the structure.

Successful completion of this project required dealing with many difficult weather conditions, including major rainfalls, strong winds, snow, ice and a high water table.

2007 - 1st Place Use of Concrete in an Agricultural Project from Aggregate & Ready Mix Association of Minnesota