Harris Grille

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Pat Willis, Harris Grille
W. Neil Fortune
General Contractor
Charlotte, North Carolina
11,500 sq. ft.

When the owner of several restaurants wanted to expand the business, a venue was created which would in itself be a destination for hungry diners wanting an upscale environment. The impression upon entering the restaurant is one of natural elegance, created by the unique maple and birch woodwork and two fountains imported from Mexico. An unusual all-wood bar serves as the restaurant’s centerpiece, and the owner further enhanced the venue with a personal art collection.

Exposed ceiling joists and masonry lend a feeling of spaciousness while paint treatments help maintain a sense of intimacy. Knutson also paid careful attention to wood detailing and finishing throughout the space to create a unique and inviting venue. As construction progresses, the individual personality of a one-of-a-kind restaurant begins to emerge. Knowing this, Knutson focused on maintaining the flexibility to make changes to accommodate the owner’s own sense of how the restaurant should feel.