Hennepin County Public Safety Facility

01 06
Hennepin County Property Services
Setter, Leach & Lindstrom, Inc.
Construction Manager
Minneapolis, Minnesota
499,000 sq. ft.

Knutson Construction built this multi-user facility, which houses 270 inmate cells, a booking facility sized to accommodate 80,000 bookings per year, three arraignment courtrooms, pre-trial court support, public defender's spaces and Sheriff's department administration and training.

The facility was designed to work in concert with the Adult Detention Center, which is housed across the street in City Hall. The two facilities are connected by way of a secure tunnel, which was constructed as part of this project. The public safety facility was designed to support the additional housing capacity that could be created through vertical expansion. The existing housing tower is designed to be increased by an additional two stories. The balance of the building is designed to accept an additional 9 stories. Between the two, this would add approximately 700 additional cells.