Houston County Criminal Justice Center

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Houston County
Klein McCarthy Architects
Construction Manager
Caledonia, Minnesota
62,351 sq. ft.

The Knutson team came highly recommended from the project stakeholders at Mower County, which provided a resounding reference from their “Knutson Experience” during the construction of their new facility.

The new Houston County Criminal Justice Center replaced the existing Caledonia jail, which was the oldest operating jail in the state. The original building was built in 1875 and had been in continuous operation since. The Caledonia courthouse was built in 1883.

The new facility includes a full courtroom, hearing room, evidence room, investigation and support spaces, conference rooms, training room, administration, booking, patrol, communication center and 45 jail cells providing 82 beds for inmates.

The most unique aspect of the project was that the jail cells were pre-fabricated in the state of Georgia, and then shipped to the job site fully assembled. They were fully furnished with bunks, toilets, windows, showers, lights, doors and all interior finishes. This method of pre-fabricated construction and sequencing helped to reduce the construction schedule overall by a full two months.