Parking + Transit

I-35W & 95th Avenue Park & Ride

01 06
Metropolitan Council
Palanisami & Associates, Inc.
General Contractor
Blaine, Minnesota
168,000 sq. ft. 539 Stalls

The I-35W and 95th Avenue Park and Ride Ramp project consisted of a new parking ramp, which added 539 stalls in the existing surface parking lot. The construction included demolition of an existing 8,000 sq. ft. garage and warehouse. The ramp is a two-level, 545-stall park and ride facility. Adjacent to the ramp is a previously existing 998-stall surface lot, which was reduced to 907 stalls for a total count of 1,452 stalls. The new structure redirects traffic circulation into, out of and around the site, separating buses from cars and improving safety. Additional considerations include visibility from the roadways. Electronic car counters, real time signage, bus arrival signage, loop detectors and other controls and equipment were incorporated into the design.