Kirkwood Horticulture and Floral Careers Building

01 07
Kirkwood Community College
OPN Architects
General Contractor
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
41,000 sq. ft.

Kirkwood Community College is the largest community college and fourth largest overall college/university in the state of Iowa. The Horticulture Facility was constructed for Kirkwood in order to “grow” the Horticulture and Floral Careers curriculum on its Cedar Rapids campus. With the facility fully functional, Kirkwood’s Horticulture and Floral Careers program is expected to quickly become a quality alternative to prospective students throughout the state of Iowa interested in a horticulture/floral career.

The project includes academic offices, lecture rooms, student commons area, head house and greenhouse. The main areas contain 31,500 square feet and the greenhouse features six growing zones within 8,500 square feet. In addition, a new asphalt parking lot and sidewalks were included.

A building highlight: The stylish Student Commons Area, which includes exposed glu-laminated columns and decking, exterior wood windows, masonry back partition, pendant lighting and stained concrete floors. The greenhouse is typical glazed aluminum frame construction, but this simple-looking structure contains intricate environmental controls for temperature, day lighting and irrigation required for a wide range of growing conditions.