Parking + Transit

Leamington Municipal Transit Hub

01 09
City of Minneapolis
Ellerbe Becket
General Contractor
Minneapolis, Minnesota
838,647 sq. ft. 2020 Stalls

Opened in January 1992, the Leamington Transit Hub is a multi-modal facility used for both public parking and a bus station. It is a cast-in-place, post-tensioned garage. Entrance ramps are provided for cars and buses along 10th and 11th Streets South. The ramp is an eight level ramp with a total of 838,647 sq. ft. and 2,020 spaces. The Leamington Municipal Ramp is directly connected to the Minneapolis Hilton & Towers by a skyway bridging 2nd Avenue South. The Leamington Hotel, which stood on the eastern half of this block, was demolished to construct this parking ramp and transit center.

The Leamington Transit Hub has a computerized revenue control system tied via telephone lines to the Minneapolis Parking System central computer. There is also a state-of-the-art security system, including 142 closed-circuit TV cameras, 136 audio surveillance stations, and video recorders for 24-hour monitoring of every vehicle entering or exiting the ramp. The glass-walled command center was designed for high visibility. The project received the 1993 Award of Excellence from IMPC.