Mayo Clinic Richard O. Jacobson Building

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Mayo Clinic
Construction Manager
Rochester, Minnesota
238,856 sq. ft.

The proton therapy facility in Minnesota is located in downtown Rochester just northeast of Mayo Clinic Hospital, Methodist Campus. The four-story building encompasses one city block with a 70,000-square-foot footprint in the 238,856-square-foot facility. Construction included two levels below grade and two levels above grade with a third partial mechanical level. The treatment capacity of the four-room facility is expected to see 1,200 patients a year.

For the base area of the treatment rooms, Knutson crews conducted the largest concrete pour in Rochester history with 600 concrete trucks pouring 5,400 yards of concrete in 18 hours of non-stop pouring. The accelerator and gantries were entombed in concrete. A custom concrete mix was custom designed for the pour and temperature monitoring was conducted throughout the 8-foot-thick, 20-foot-tall slabs. The building has been designed to allow for a future expansion of up to 13 stories, which necessitated utilities to travel from a central utility plant through underground utility tunnels. A 24-inch steam line, 24-inch chilled water lines, medical gases and electrical service come from two sources to minimize any disruption to patient treatment.