Industrial + Manufacturing

McNeilus Truck and Manufacturing Office Building

01 09
McNeilus Truck and Manufacturing
Oleson + Hobbie Architects
Design Build
Dodge Center, Minnesota
35,000 SF

On February 24, 2019 major snow storms hit Dodge Center, causing the collapse of the McNeilus Truck manufacturing center office building, as well as part of the manufacturing building. Knutson mobilized to the site the following day with assistance from other contractors and proceeded with building stabilization and support, and began demolition of the damaged area. After many design and coordination meetings, Knutson rebuilt the manufacturing building area, as well as incorporated a new two-story office building. This space consists of new offices for the engineering staff and facility managers, facility breakroom and restrooms, three small training rooms ,and a large two-story training area with the ability to bring large trucks into it.