M Health Fairview St. Johns NICU

01 08
M Health Fairview
BWBR Architects
Construction Manager, Construction Manager at Risk
Maplewood, Minnesota
14,000 sq. ft
August 2021

This project includes the renovation of existing NICU in addition to some office space to expand the NICU department, with a combination of private and bay rooms. This is a two-phased project, spanning over eight months. For the 1st phase, we worked with Fairview to maintain their existing corridor within the phase so staff could enter the department, while we constructed a new corridor. This required extensive ICRA as construction was occurring all around the existing corridor and required working off-hours for any loud noises.

In Phase 2, we were asked to expedite the construction of a meds room, staff break area and corridor, prior to the completion of the phase. Knutson met with the Fairview team to develop a phasing plan to accomplish these requests and all areas were turned over eight weeks prior to Phase 2 turnover.