Post Bulletin Distribution and Packing Addition

01 06
Post Bulletin Company, LLC
Austin AE Com
General Contractor
Rochester, Minnesota
28,000 sq. ft.

Nothing represents a community like the local newspaper. The Rochester Post-Bulletin has come to count on Knutson’s responsiveness and attention to detail in renovating their building.

“I’m just a layman, so it’s super important to me that I can trust the builder with what’s going to be happening,” explained John Withers, Knutson’s newspaper contact. Knutson has consistently come through for John and his colleagues at the Post-Bulletin. An example of this is when John called a Knutson employee at 6:00 one July morning when their 100-horsepower motor burned out, meaning no air conditioning on a very hot and humid Minnesota summer day.

“We sent for a new fan in Minneapolis, and Knutson had a crane, electrician and three laborers waiting to get the 900-lb. unit up to the roof. They had to cut a hole in the side of our building to make it work. I was afraid we’d be without AC for a week, but Knutson had us cooled off by 3:00 that afternoon.” The presses ran as planned, and the daily paper got out on time.