Community + Recreation

Red Wing Family YMCA

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YMCA of Greater St. Paul
BWBR Architects
Construction Manager
Red Wing, Minnesota
19,200 sq. ft. Addition

It had been 20 years since any remodeling or changes had been made to the long out-grown YMCA. In addition, the age and diversity of the community it served had changed. So, as part of a feasibility study, the YMCA went to the community, utilizing focus groups and other feedback mechanisms to help it develop a list of needed and desired uses.

The Red Wing community loves their new YMCA. Membership in the YMCA increased by 25% in the first two months after the new facility opened. The addition includes a new pool and fitness center and was designed to accommodate the later addition of a 4th level gymnasium. Replacing the demolished part of the building are a new aerobics center and remodeled locker rooms, administration area, lobby and other public spaces.

They had two major hurdles. One was their downtown location and the challenge of effectively expanding the facility on their existing site. But the largest hurdle was having to design the building without knowing how much money they would be able to raise. The YMCA implemented a negotiated approach to bidding the project and brought Knutson on board relatively early to help the YMCA develop projected costs for the project. Plans had to be revised due to budget constraints, and Knutson's careful, early estimating resulted in a very low change order percentage on the project because design changes were made before construction began. Knutson helped the YMCA keep their goals reality-based and complete the project right on budget.