Ridgeview Medical Center

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Ridgeview Medical Center
BWBR Architects
General Contractor
Waconia, Minnesota
65,000 sq. ft.

This project included a multi-phased, two-story expansion of the existing hospital to expand and remodel Ridgeview’s Emergency Department and Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehab space. All this work was happening on a fully- occupied and operational hospital campus and directly impacting the existing Emergency Department. With continuous advancements in virtual technology, Knutson was able to use 3D modeling for coordination and clash detection of MEP systems prior to construction start. In addition to systems modeling, we also leveraged our laser scanning capability to accurately identify and create as-built documents of the existing building for all tie-in points for the expansion. This increased the accuracy of the preconstruction and construction phases of the project, allowing the project to remain on budget and schedule.

With the hospital remaining fully operational during the expansion, the project team worked closely with all stakeholders and user groups from day one. Project superintendent Rod Sessing remained in constant communication with the surrounding departments as construction activities were scheduled, ensuring that the comfort and safety of the patients was a top priority. Because of this high level of open communication, there were minimal disruptions to daily hospital activities and the project was completed on time.

• MNSHARP Award 2020



Something that stands out for this project as compared to similar projects was the amount of collaboration and trust that was built from the beginning to help to establish a productive working relationship. Adjacent departments to the expansion project (Emergency Department, Cath Lab, Birthing Center, CICU, and Imaging) all had to remain fully operational so Ridgeview could continue to focus on the care of its patients. This required Knutson to provide daily coordination with Ridgeview’s facilities team and impacted user groups to mitigate any noise and vibration that comes with construction.

Winter Challenges

This project began in the fall of 2018 and continued through the winter with completion of the concrete structure for the two-story addition. As you may recall, this winter presented challenging working conditions with extreme cold and large amounts of snowfall. The crews on site continued to work through the adverse conditions and were able to maintain the project schedule. In fact, when you compare the original project schedule to the date the project turned over, the project actually completed ONE day early. This was significant, given the extreme weather that the Knutson crews worked through.

Throughout Phase One (which was the addition), you could see the excitement from the staff as the addition was being built. Once the team turned over the Phase One area, the size of Ridgeview’s ED space was doubled.

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With the Ridgeview Medical Center project, we were able to use some of our VDC technology once the Emergency Department was completed. Our VDC team was able to go in—before the facility was open to patients—and completed a Matterport scan of the main floor.

Scanning can be done throughout the project—at multiple stages of construction. Ideally, we like to scan at times where there is no construction personnel or other individuals present. Matterport virtual walkthroughs allow individuals who are unable to physically visit the site (whether due to location or life circumstances) to see and freely move through a project and see the site in a much more immersive way than photographs alone can provide. Easy to navigate and with incredible clarity, they have the ability to help a viewer feel as though they are there. It also allows us to document progress, as well as finished projects.



Knutson was on speed dial for each of the departments and had daily schedules set up in advance for when work could occur on certain walls, specifically the brick in preparation for setting the pan deck system to pour the floor, and then the roof. This coordination effort was crucial in order for Ridgeview to continue to provide its patients a high-quality patient experience.

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