Saint Mary's Hospital, Mary Brigh Center & West Expansion & Renovation

01 03
Mayo Clinic
HDR Architects, Inc.
Construction Manager
Rochester, Minnesota
430,000 sq. ft.

Building atop any occupied structure is complicated and challenging. Knutson took special steps — like covering exposed entrances and constructing temporary sidewalks — to maintain accessibility and guarantee the safety of tenants.

Making additions and renovations to a facility containing more than 50 active operating suites is even more complex.

Like the world-renowned medical staff at the Mayo campus in Rochester, Minnesota, Knutson operated with extreme care and accuracy during each phase of the renovation and expansion. Two existing floors, where lives rested in the hands of surgeons, had to be shielded from noise, contaminants and all disruptions.

Strict infection control specifications were non-negotiable. Knutson built airtight partitions to create controlled working environments. HEPA exhaust fans and vacuums cleaned out dust and debris. Structural connections were meticulously waterproofed. And constant, direct communication throughout the site ensured that the project ran with surgical precision.