Somerby Golf Clubhouse

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Golden Tee Development
Partners & Sirny
General Contractor
Byron, Minnesota
34,000 sq. ft.

In Minnesota, golf fever is alive and well. But until recently, some of the “afflicted” living near the city of Rochester were feeling under-served. With the elegant addition of the Somerby Golf Club, all that has changed. The English manor-style clubhouse, perched amid the 450 acres of the Somerby Golf Community, anchors the Tom Lehman signature championship golf course. Golden Tee LLC worked with Wensman Homes and Ames Construction to develop the residential community, golf course and clubhouse.

After a negotiated bid process, Golden Tee selected Knutson Construction for the clubhouse design/build project. It was a first for Golden Tee, which specializes in civil engineering and heavy earthwork projects and usually performs its own design/build services. “Now I wouldn’t do it any other way,” says Shawn Dahl, project supervisor for Golden Tee. Using the design/build model kept the project on a fast track and streamlined costs at the same time. “Working with Knutson was a 100% first class experience,” he says. Dahl appreciated the fact that Knutson used its own talented employees to haul countless loads of vertically-quartered red oak and perform finely detailed interior woodworking of “impeccable quality.” According to Dahl, “The building requirements were extraordinary, the schedule was tough, and we had a handful of weather setbacks to contend with – but Knutson did a fabulous job.”