The Salvation Army, Corps Community Center

01 04
Salvation Army Cedar Rapids
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Due to the damage from the Iowa Derecho winds, this building sustained substantial damage to the masonry parapet causing it to need fully removed, rebuilt, and painted. The team replaced the membrane roofing over their gym and replaced the RTU which was blown over and rolled out of place. The team also replaced some of the sidewalks and drives that were damaged from machinery, seeded the lawn and provided temporary protection while seeds took root, as well as replacing the gym floor which suffered water damaged.

Fun Fact: There were some very close power lines to the building near the parapet that was being replaced. The team had to work with the power company (Aliant Energy) to insulate the lines that could not be moved near the transformer and used Alley arms to extend aerial lines away from the parapet that needed replaced. Our safety director and superintendent were crucial in this portion of the project.