Senior Living

Vintage Cooperative of Iowa City

01 09
Ewing Development
Iowa City, Iowa
134,000 SF

The Vintage Cooperative of Iowa City is a 53 unit senior living cooperative. The project is three levels of wood framing over a precast underground parking garage. The living units rage in size from 1,050 square feet up to 1,800 square feet. There is a combination of one, two, and three bedroom units and a total of 127 bedrooms and 103 bathrooms.Some of the buildings features include a Community Great Room, Lounge, Library, Café, Club Room, Fitness Center, and two guest rooms. Each member is allowed a parking stall in the heated underground parking garage. In the parking garage there is elevator access, resident storage units, a woodworking shop, and a wet stall with a power washer that members can use to wash their car. On the exterior of the building, 1st floor tenants will have walk off patios to a site that features a walking path along the woods and community gardens / planting beds. The site also features three underground storm retention chambers to control the site water run off.

Fun Fact: There are 95 pieces of precast wall panels that make up the parking garage level of the Vintage Cooperative. Each of these pieces was delivered on their own truck from the supplier, which traveled a total of approximately 36,000 miles to get to the jobsite.