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Physician health workers


Nurses and Midwives health
workers worldwide.


Dentists and other dentistry


Pre-Referendum Planning Services

Knutson Construction provides a comprehensive analysis into the proposed project, including schedules, scope, budget and overall facility performance.  Our pre-Project Planning Services Include:

– Pre-referendum Planning
– Feasibility Studies
– Site Assessments
– Conceptual Cost Estimating
– Lifecycle Cost Analyses

Preconstruction Services

As the project approaches the milestone of ground breaking, we prepare for success, working collaboratively with the owner, design team, subcontractors and other stakeholders budget, schedule, quality, sustainability, and other project-specific goals.  Pre-Constructions Services include:

– Constructability Reviews
– Disruption Avoidance
– Site Safety Audits (Construction Related)
– Environmental Life Safety Planning
– Long-Lead Procurement

K-12 Education

Expertise Specific Featured Projects

We take the time to appreciate people. We acknowledge the efforts and achievements of all. We treat your project as our project.