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Innovation in Construction

Minneapolis, MN – Happy Holidays!

A note from Katie Montag, Vice President of Technology + Innovation
By now you have probably seen the latest holiday tech gadgets of the season. This year I am drawn to the growing craze, the foldable phone. These next-generation phones are a far cry from the flip phone of years ago. Instead, it crams in more power in its small footprint than we ever thought possible. At Knutson, we are building our technology services around the power that everyone now has at their fingertips. What was once only used for making calls, our phones are now our greatest opportunity for construction technology adoption in an industry behind the tech trends.

In 2022, our tech wish lists were granted to use mobile platforms to drive innovation and bring more technology to the field. We grew our laser scanning capabilities to support our self-perform concrete work, our job trailers are now outfitted with Teams video conferencing, and we welcomed four new drone pilots to our growing flight crew. In 2023, our teams will push what can be accomplished on phones capable of lidar scanning and drones programmed by tablets. As we invest and focus on accessible technology, our job sites will see faster adoption through familiar devices. Our innovative drive and cross-department integration will be made possible by the coveted gifts on everyone’s Holiday list.