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Recognizing and Remedying the Barriers for Women in Construction

With recognition at the core of Knutson’s values, it’s important that we, as a company, take the time to appreciate every client, employee, and partner. We want to recognize each person who contributes to Knutson by fully celebrating the positive impact their efforts and achievements make.

It is also important to recognize and remedy the barriers our employees encounter within the work they do. We work to identify these obstacles and actively eliminate them, empowering our entire team to excel both at Knutson as well as within the construction industry in general. We know these initiatives are impactful for all, but this is especially true for disadvantaged groups who may struggle to find their place in the industry due to preconceived notions and falsities.

One way Knutson is actively working to improve the experience of the women of Team Blue is by having an internal Women’s Employee Resource Group (ERG). Formed in 2021, this group works to ensure our female employees feel assured, inspired, and appreciated in the work they do. Meeting quarterly, the Women’s ERG networks, hosts keynote speakers, and discusses topics facing women in construction. It allows women across the company to actively build community and connect on a more intentional level outside daily work functions.

So far in 2023, the Women’s ERG has welcomed two speakers: Tamelyn Holter, former owner of Exterior Building Services, Inc., and Ashley Owens, Networking Concierge™. Both speakers have spoken transparently about their own career journeys and hardships, providing sound advice for professional development, beating imposter syndrome and feelings of self-doubt, and effectively communicating with your peers.

The Women’s ERG planning committee contains representatives from Knutson’s Diversity, Human Resources, Marketing and Technology Departments, as well as Rochester and Iowa offices. Participants in group events include women from a variety of backgrounds who work in both field and office environments. This unique sampling encourages diverse perspectives and ideas – many of which will positively impact Knutson both internally and externally.

No matter who you are, when you join Team Blue, you will be recognized and appreciated for your contributions – we value you for you! You’ll also be given the opportunity to build more than buildings here. To view openings and potentially join our team of problem-solvers and relationship-builders, visit our careers page.