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Trade Services Feature: Masonry

While block and brick is the first thing that comes to mind for many when the term masonry is thrown around, Trade Superintendent Don Sorensen knows it’s a bit more nuanced than that when you’re the one doing the building.

“It does go in a little bit further than that,” Sorensen laughs. “Brick, block, precast, and stone veneer can all fall under the category of masonry.”

Details aside, masonry is one of several trade services offered by Knutson as part of the general contractor’s self-performed work. This means a subset of the trades that is performed by the contractor itself, not a subcontractor. At Knutson, other trade services offered for self-performance also include concrete, carpentry, and demolition.

When work is self-performed, the general contractor has more control over the work that is executed, meaning it is possible to set higher safety and quality standards, drive the schedule with tighter reins, and provide greater cost control. That’s Sorensen’s job when it comes to masonry.

A bricklayer by trade with nearly two decades of experience, Don Sorensen is the eighth person in his family to become a bricklayer. Currently holding the title of Trade Superintendent at Knutson, he is the team’s go-to guy when it comes to the logistics of self-performing masonry on a project. His input can help seal the deal during the pursuit process and ensures deadlines, budgets, and staffing needs are met across all projects. But this doesn’t mean masonry is performed on all Knutson ventures.

“It’s very job-specific,” Sorensen says. “How much masonry is happening on a job is super circumstantial; not all jobs even have masonry needs. It all depends on the project, the client, and what they’re looking for.”

Luckily, at Knutson, your project is our passion, too. We want to know the what, why, and when of your dream, because that context allows us to expertly contribute the how. Understanding your concept of success isn’t just our goal; it’s pivotal to ensuring your vision comes to life accurately.

That’s why the greatest advantage of self-performed construction, arguably, is assurance. When you utilize Knutson for your masonry needs, you are gaining the knowledge and expertise of seasoned team members like Sorensen, as well as the guarantee of The Knutson Experience throughout the life of your project – even before shovels hit the ground.

Current Knutson projects where masonry is being performed include Mercy Ambulance Garage, St. Francis Ambulatory Surgery Center, and University of Minnesota’s Microbial Cell Production Facility. In each of these projects, we’re proud to have helped lay the groundwork for success by providing quality and consistency within each phase of the construction process.

To learn more about our self-performed work capabilities, visit our Trade Services page.